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Who is my Open Learning Faculty Member?

After you register, you receive a welcome message, telling you who your Open Learning Faculty Member (instructor) is and how to contact that person. 

What if I can't contact my Open Learning Faculty Member?

Vacation or work leave might account for this. If so, you are notified through your myTRU account. Try contacting your Open Learning Faculty Member by email, messaging through your course or telephone. Otherwise, contact Delivery Support.

When can I expect my course and materials?

These usually arrive in 5-10 business days, excluding statutory holidays, after registration.

Can I resell my textbooks?

See TRU Bookstore's SellBack Your Textbooks.

Also, see and These companies are not affiliated with TRU, and TRU assumes no responsibilities for your interactions with them.

I already have the textbook for the course I am registered in, so can I return it?

Yes, if it is in new condition. See the materials return policy.

I registered but want to switch to a different delivery format. How do I do this?

Cancel your registration or withdraw from your course, then re-register in your preferred format. 

I registered for the wrong course, how can I switch?

Cancel or withdraw from the course, then register in the correct course. Note that when you cancel your course, the administration and technology fees (approx. $120) are non-refundable.

How do I apply for a course extension?

For an OL non-paced, course, apply through myTRU  by using the Course Extension form before your course completion deadline, which is stated in your welcome message. Only one extension is allowed per course, and paced courses are not eligible.

When do I get my final grade?

Your course grade is calculated after all assessments, including the final exam, have been graded, Contact your Open Learning Faculty Member if you decide not to submit an assignment.

Can I appeal a grade?

You can appeal only a final, not an assignment, grade. See the Academic Appeals form. Talk to your Open Learning Faculty Member and/or request an informal exam review before appealing your grade.

What should I do if illness or a serious problem prevents me from working on my course for several weeks?

Let your Open Learning Faculty Member know. If you are in a self-paced course, you may be able to apply for a fee-waived course extension.

Who do I contact for technical assistance with my course?
Can I transfer OL credits to other institutions?

Otain a Letter of Permission (LOP) from the institution to which you plan to transfer your credit prior to registering for a course. The receiving institution, not TRU or OL, determines the eligibility of transfer credit.

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