The following guidelines were prepared by Professor Ron Smith, Biological Sciences, UCC, for his Cell Physiology - Biology 352 students. The directions for writing a biology paper reflect disciplinary attitudes expressed in Dr. Smith's interview.

Guidelines for Your Research Paper

You will write a research paper in Cell Physiology; it is due October 17. Marks will be deducted if the paper is not complete and submitted by its due date. Once graded, the paper may be revised and resubmitted to improve your grade as many times as you wish up until December 12. In order that your assignment is easily revised and legible, I strongly recommend that you use a word processor.

Your research paper may be on any physiological topic at the cellular level that you wish to write about. You should cite many papers, one of which must be a recent original research article (published between September, 98 and December, 99). Note, as well, that you will be asked to critique a recent original research article of your choice on the final exam. With regard to organization, your papers should be subdivided into 4 major sections as follows:

In order to enhance the readability of the paper, the major sections should be further subdivided into subsections. Figures or Tables present in your paper should include a title, a legend and a citation; Figures and Tables should stand alone. For further guidelines regarding the style or organization of your paper refer to a recent scientific review article, J.A. Pechenik's book entitled A Short Guide to Writing About Biology or use the writing guide in Norton-Connect. If you have any questions regarding this assignment do not hesitate to see me.

Excerpt from the Biochemistry Lab Manual

Following completion of each experiment, students will prepare a laboratory report. Please prepare your reports using a word processor. Doing a thorough job on a lab report does not mean that it has to be long and full of irrelevant information. Be clear, concise and well organized. Reports will be returned for rewrite if they are not of acceptable quality, so having your report on disc will make editing easier for you. The reports for Labs 1-5 may be re-submitted for re-grading within one week of being returned to you. The report for Lab 6 can only be submitted once.

Each report should be written in paragraph form and consist of:

Recommended writing guide for all Biology courses

A Short Guide to Writing About Biology, 2nd Edition, Pechenik JA (1993) Harper Collins College Publishers, New York.

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