This is the acknowledgments page for the Writing in the Disciplines Web Site. A project supported by the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, Training, and Technology, the site has provided a valuable training ground for two student web designers, a student researcher, and my English 309 classes at the University College of the Cariboo.

I want to begin by thanking Jason Toma for his talented contributions to the website design and layout: for his extensive work in reworking the colour scheme of the home page, in designing the banner and navigation bar, in creating the animated gifs which decorate the interview pages, in catching some of my own HTML coding gaffs, and for his numerous other layout and design contributions. His designs, all hand-coded, add a special "look" and "feel" to these pages--and I wish him well as he begins his career as a web designer.

I also want to thank Joe Amon for helping to layout many of the interviews and essays on the site.

A special word of thanks goes to Briana Palmer, whose original art work--featured as the watercolours on the home page--add a wonderfully expressive (and witty) touch to the site. Some of the background research was provided by my research assistant Kathy Felton, and the transcription of the interviews was completed by Denise Comtois.

The essays included in the site are the work of both student researchers and established scholars--and I am grateful to them all for sharing their insights so eloquently.

Much of the credit for the video and sound files goes to Lois Rugg and Bob Clark of UCC's Media Services Department. They worked with a local video production house--Kamloops Pro Video Services, who, in turn, donated time and expertise in support of this project. We will be seeking to compress the video files even further so that, in the future, they will load more quickly.

I'm also very grateful to the web designers and web masters who have allowed me to use and/or adapt their coding for these pages. In particular, I want to thank Paul Paquet and friends at the Trivia Hall of Fame for use of the javascript coding for the business quiz. The Hall of Fame can be found at ; my thanks also to David Griffiths at the Web Spigots Page for the wonderful java quiz coding used on the Humanities page

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