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Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary


Why would Leadership in Environmental Sustainability be important to me?

The benefits for each individual person would be dependent on that student and their goals for the future. Below are some articles/research/studies that have been released on the importance of Environmental Sustainability:

What do I receive when I finish Leadership in Environmental Sustainability certificate?

When a student has completed all requirements and handed in their portfolio. The registrar's office will be notified that the applicant was successful and a "COM" mark will go onto the students transcripts for the course. Each student will be recognized at convocation as they walk across the stage. Students will receive a certificate at convocation or if the student is not attending convocation it will be mailed out a few days later.

When can I attain the Leadership in Environmental Sustainability certificate? Can I only get it in my graduation year?

Students may finish their certificate at any time during their years at TRU if they have met all requirements. However, it will not show on their transcripts and a student will not receive the certificate until the student graduates.

If I am a student that is out of country or an OL student can I still participate in the ENSU 1000 course?

Yes! We will have a Moodle site that students can follow that will help them through the development of their portfolio. Also, the credential coordinator is always available via email with any questions students may have.

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