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Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary

Leadership in Environmental Sustainability

Covid-19 Leadership in Environmental Sustainability Updates

The Leadership in Environmental Sustainability Learning Strategist is available for virtual appointments, you can schedule an appointment by emailing Umme at Once your email is received you will receive confirmation of your appointment from the Learning Strategist.
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The Leadership in Environmental Sustainability certificate allows students to earn formal recognition for their knowledge, skills, awareness, and attitudes that contribute to environmental sustainability competency – from projects, to artwork, to architectural design, to relevant course assignments.

TRU will prioritize initiatives that mutually benefit the university and the communities we serve in the context of: financial sustainability of the University, economic sustainability of the region and province, cultural and social sustainability of our communities, creative and community arts sustainability and environmental sustainability- TRU strategic priorities

  • Earned in tandem with any credential at TRU
  • Formally noted on your TRU transcript
  • Acknowledged at Convocation ceremony
  • Points can be earned at any time throughout your time at TRU
  • Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) is available

What is it?

Leadership in Environmental Sustainability is a credential that can be earned in tandem with any credit program – undergraduate or graduate – offered by Thompson Rivers University. All students are welcome to participate whether they are on campus or Open learning students.

The credential formally recognizes the environmental competencies – knowledge, skills, awareness and attitudes of an environmental sustainability citizen – acquired by students through their educational experiences.

Students earning this credential will have it formally noted on their official TRU transcript and will have it acknowledged at the convocation ceremony.

How do I earn it? 

Students can start by earning and compiling points in any year of study from first year or fourth year.

When students are close to the required 12 points and interested in completing the one credit course ENSU 1000 (one credit course) they will need to be pre-approved to add it to your course schedule.

Once students are registered into the Leadership in Environmental Sustainability course they are expected to complete a portfolio of their experiences, a giveback/presentation piece and a reflective essay to be handed in at  the end of that semester.

When can I receive it?

If you are interested in earning this credential, you are encouraged to plan your TRU experience with the objective of gaining Environmental Sustainability.

Students can register for the ENSU 1000 course at any time throughout their studies at TRU.

Graduates have up to one year (12 months) after graduation to complete the Leadership in Environmental Sustainability certificate.

Why earn this recognition?

Your university experience should include more than just classes and assignments. There are many opportunities to take part in meaningful environmental experiences on campus and in the community.

Don't graduate with just a degree, diploma or certificate at TRU, we want you to launch your career with a resume full of the relevant learning experiences that employers value today. Leadership in Environmental Sustainability gives you just that – documented evidence of knowledge, skills, awareness and attitudes of a sustainable-minded citizen.

Still have questions?

Contact Umme Mansoory at or 250-371-5996 or visit the Frequently Asked Questions page through the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open Learning students are welcome to participate in this certificate course.

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