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Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary

Staying Connected

Tips to stay connected with your student

You may find that when your student moves away to university, you will have less contact. Going to university marks a time of significant change for all concerned — it's a whole new adventure at university. While it is important to keep in touch, it is also important to allow independent growth as an adult. Being apart for the first time may lead to difficulties, so here are some helpful tips and tricks for building a strong communication network.

Let your student know how you feel about keeping in touch

How many phone calls are too many? Communication between students and family can vary, so have a discussion about how much you would like to stay in contact. With smart phones, tablets and personal computers, keeping in touch is easier than ever in today's world.

Use social media channels

Facebook, Twitter, email, Youtube, Skype, Instagram — these are the means of communication today. Think about setting up an account on any the ones your student uses.

Set up specific times and dates for phone calls

University can be a busy time, so set up a specific day of the week to have chats over the phone. This way, your student will get a break from studying and classes to tell you about what has been happening over the past week!

Plan a visit

Come by and see what the dorm looks like, where classes are, and explore the city of Kamloops together. Setting a date to visit can help ease homesickness, and also gives you something to look forward to!

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