We encourage students and staff to resolve academic issues through discussion. Students may bring forward for formal review matters that have not been resolved to their satisfaction. The formal review concludes with a decision that is final and binding upon all parties.

TRU recognizes the right of students to appeal:

  • Decisions on final grades.
  • Decisions on the application of Senate policies, procedures and regulations as they relate to student academic performance.
  • Perceived unethical conduct by TRU staff and other students.

Open Learning informal appeal process

1Contact your OLFM

If you are not satisfied with a decision affecting your academics, discuss the matter with your Open Learning Faculty Member. Send email to if you need help contacting your OLFM.

2Has the issue been resolved?


No further action


If the concern is with a final exam grade, send email to to request an informal exam review. If the concern is not about a final exam, move on to Step 3.

3Has the issue been resolved?


No further action


Download and complete the academic appeal form and email it to the OLFM, proposing a resolution within 30 days of the decision being appealed. The OLFM will enter comments and email the form back to you.

4Has the issue been resolved?


No further action


Send the form with the OLFM’s comments to the associate director of program delivery. The ADPD will review details of the appeal, enter comments, provide contact information for the appropriate dean and email the package with completed sections back to you.

5Has the issue been resolved?


No further action


Email the dean the entire package for review. The dean will review details of the appeal, enter comments and email the package with completed sections back to you.

Open Learning formal resolution process


If you believe the issue was not resolved by the dean, you can start a formal appeal. Contact the Office of Student Affairs at for help and guidance with the formal process.


Send the academic appeals form, including signatures and responses, to the Office of Student Affairs, along with any supporting documentation (a copy of an assignment if applicable). Include proof of payment of the Open Learning student academic appeal fee. To pay your fee and obtain a receipt, log in to your myTRU, click on “make a payment”. Choose the “OL Division” semester and enter in the note field that your payment is for an academic appeal.

3Hearing panel

Once the director of the OSA determines the required steps were followed, they will that request a hearing panel be convened. Appellent (student) and respondent must participate in the appeal hearing and may include witnesses and have one support person. As per policy, the support person must be approved by OSA prior to the hearing.


Following a decision, the chair of the hearing Panel will notify the appellant and respondent in writing of a decision, including the rationale.


Within 14 days of receiving a hearing panel decision, either party may make a final appeal to the president.

Download a PDF version of the appeal process

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