As part of the Leadership in Environmental Sustainability (ENSU) Certificate you will need to complete an E-portfolio. Your portfolio will be used to submit your essay, point reflections, and giveback piece. Essentially your portfolio is where you will highlight how you demonstrated leadership in environmental sustainability; whether that be by developing knowledge, skills, attitudes, or awareness.

You will also need to include a ‘Giveback piece’ with your portfolio submission. Your giveback piece shows that you are able to share what you’ve learned with others in a meaningful way. They have been submitted in a variety of forms in the past. With everything from a class presentation, to a YouTube video, and even blogs being accepted.

Steps to start:

Download the points forms below and start filling out your point verifications.

Things to think about and include

The following are guidelines to the three categories of Leadership in Environmental Sustainability used at TRU. They should be considered when preparing your presentation piece and your written reflection. Providing specific examples of your learning will enhance your application.

  1. Knowledge
    • Understanding historical and current issues pertaining to social, economic, environmental, political conditions that are relevant to sustainability
    • Demonstrate understanding of the pillars of sustainability in terms of integration.
  2. Skills
    • Communication
    • Project Management
    • Self-awareness and confidence
    • Ability to work with multiple perspectives
    • Capacity to cope with ambiguity and uncertainty
    • Flexibility and adaptability
    • Critical, analytical, reflective and strategic thinking
    • Transferability of skills and knowledge
  3. Attitudes and Awareness
    • Emotions creating desire to change conditions
    • Interest to make a difference – a positive contribution
    • Feeling confident and competent with what one can contribute.
    • Recognition of the impact of interdependence and change.
    • Concern for the world, environment and for social issues
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