Categories and Points

The points system:

Students are required to earn a total of 12 points in three of the following categories:

Category Low (1) Medium (3) High (5)
Courses In Environmental Sustainability 1 3 5
Community Or TRU Volunteer Work 10 hours 20 hours 30 hours
Employment Related Activity – Green Jobs 100 hours 200 hours 400 hours
Environmental Or Social Organizations Member Active Participant Executive Member
Extra-Curricular Knowledge Sharing Attending events Presenting or facilitating ONE event Presenting or facilitating TWO or more events
Environmental Sustainability Course Related Work Create or write paper or project or poster Present at TRU community Present or publish paper or project or poster outside TRU
Download a points form to track your progress

Notes on the point system:

  • You can only earn a maximum of 5 points in any one category
  • You cannot count activities twice (no 'double dipping')
  • Up to 6 points can be transferred from other institutions
  • All points claimed must be substantiated and documented in your portfolio

Environmental or social organization:

  • 1 point = being a member, attending meetings, voting, and discussing issues
  • 3 points = taking a leading role in subcommittees, or making special contributions to the organization
  • 5 points = being an executive member such as president, vice-president, etc.

Extra-curricular knowledge sharing:

  • 1 point = attending events and writing a reflective piece on the experience
  • 3 points = presenting at, or facilitating, one extra-curricular knowledge sharing event
  • 5 points = presenting at, or facilitating, two or extra-curricular knowledge sharing events

***Examples of events include: conferences, seminars, tours, workshops, community talks, etc.

Courses counting towards points:

List of sustainability focused courses
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