Categories and Points

The points system:

Students are required to earn a total of 12 points in any three of the following categories:

CategoryLow (1)Medium (3)High (5)
Category A: Courses In Environmental Sustainability 1 course 3 courses 5 courses
Category B: Community Or TRU Volunteer Work 10 hours 20 hours 30 hours
Category C: Employment Related Activity – Green Jobs 100 hours 200 hours 400 hours
Category D: Environmental Or Social Organizations Member Active Participant Executive Member
Category E: Extra-Curricular Knowledge Sharing Attending events Presenting or facilitating ONE event Presenting or facilitating TWO or more events
Cateory F: Environmental Sustainability Course Related Work Create or write paper or project or poster Present at TRU community Present or publish paper or project or poster outside TRU
Download a points form to track your progress

Notes on the point system:

  • Students can only earn a maximum of 5 points in any one category
  • Students cannot count activities twice (no 'double dipping')
  • Up to 6 points can be transferred from other institutions
  • All points claimed must be substantiated and documented in the portfolio (see portfolio tab for forms)

Environmental or social organization:

  • 1 point = being a member, attending meetings, voting, and discussing issues
  • 3 points = taking a leading role in subcommittees, or making special contributions to the organization
  • 5 points = being an executive member such as president, vice-president, etc.

Extra-curricular knowledge sharing:

  • 1 point = attending event(s) and writing a reflective piece on the experience
  • 3 points = presenting at, or facilitating, one extra-curricular knowledge sharing event
  • 5 points = presenting at, or facilitating, two or extra-curricular knowledge sharing events

***Examples of events include: conferences, seminars, tours, workshops, community talks, etc.

Courses counting towards points:

List of sustainability focused courses
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