Reflective Essay

Write a reflective essay: This is a 1,000-word reflection of the most influential knowledge, skills, attitudes and/or awareness of environmental sustainability you gained as a result of your experience included in your portfolio. Students do not have to reflect on all three aspects of experiences but clearly state and reflect on one area. Please answer the following: Describe what you thought or how you behaved before your experience(s). How has your experience(s) "shifted" your way of thinking, behaving or communicating about environmental sustainability? What will you do differently from this learning to improve environmental sustainability in the future?

After drafting your reflection, read it out loud and note any general statements that don’t provide details. Be sure to revise the reflection so the committee can clearly understand the competency you are communicating. This helps the committee to understand not only the event, but the way it has affected your knowledge, skills or attitudes/values. Be sure to be explicit with your ideas.

Formatting for the essay:
  • 12-point font
  • Double-spaced
  • No more than 1000-1100 words
What we DO want in the essay
  • Use the knowledge, skills, attitudes and awareness section for reflection
  • Communicate your learning or shift to us (the committee)
  • Proofread your essay
  • Follow formatting guidelines that are stated above
What we DON’T want in the essay
  • We do not want a list of your accomplishments
  • We do not want anything exceeding 1100 words
  • Please do not simply repeat events that are evident in your portfolio
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