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Roles and Expectations

Expectations for IC council members

  1. Attendance - IC members are expected to attend all scheduled meetings. If two (2) meetings are missed, an IC mentor will discuss this concern with the member and try to find a solution. If an IC Council member misses three (3) meetings he/she can no longer maintain IC Council membership.
    1. 24 hours’ notice must be given if any IC Council member cannot make a scheduled meeting
  2. Communication - IC members are expected to respond in a timely fashion to all communication. Emails must be responded within 24 hours; Facebook messages must be responded within half a day. Communication is key and must be a top priority for IC Council members.
  3. Training - All training meetings, retreats, and professional development seminars must be attended.
  4. Meetings - Every meeting should have action items.
  5. Accountability - Each member is responsible for fulfilling their duties.
  6. Follow-up - IC members should follow-up on action items and ensure the established job(s) have been completed.
  7. Wearing a uniform – When jackets and uniforms are worn you are officially an ambassador of TRU and must present and act accordingly.
  8. Every member is expected to create one event and budget accordingly with support of other IC members.
    1. These projects can be done with IC Council partners
  9. Provide prompt feedback on all IC Council matters

Role of an IC member

  1. New members need to be active learners in their own intercultural awareness and show a strong curiosity in other cultures.
  2. Members must be willing to learn and challenge themselves to become more interculturally aware.
  3. Members must help engage the campus with intercultural awareness, including Social Media involvement.
  4. Engage with TRUSU clubs to find collaboration opportunities.
  5. Be non-judgmental and humble.
  6. Members must intentionally invite multiple/diverse perspectives
  7. Intercultural awareness is a life-long process and all members need to reflect this attitude.
  8. Members need to model inclusivity on campus
  9. Bring awareness to the IC Council on campus – events, activities, social media, classroom visits, etc
  10. Help with coordination of volunteers for events put by IC Council.
  11. All members must be as open to learn as they are eager to teach

Role of mentors

  1. Mentors are in no way elevated than other members – absolutely no hierarchy
  2. Mentors are to support new IC Council members by providing input from experience, checking in and always being available to help.
  3. Help facilitate learning of new IC members – ie. Retreats,
  4. Provide feedback and suggestions for current projects
  5. Help provide guidance and support for team building exercises
  6. Understand TRU/TRU World Policies – ie. Catering, classroom visits, etc.


  • Format – IC Council members will determine the format of their meetings and all agree on the roles undertaken during them.
    • Roles could change as the year progresses
  • Follow-up of all action items is required
  • IC Council members will administer the meetings and provide written minutes to the council in a timely fashion.
  • If any TRU World representative and/or Dr. Kyra Garson are not present it should not affect the meeting’s meaningful outcome.
    • TRU World representatives are only observers and facilitators during the meetings

Learning outcomes

The IC Council will provide all of its members with the opportunity to gain skills in the following areas:

  • Intercultural Awareness
  • Communication
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personality Tests (Myers-Briggs)
  • Time Management
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Budgeting
  • Familiarization of policies

Role of TRU World advisory representatives

  1. Help facilitate learning and member curiosities
  2. Provide necessary training opportunities
  3. Help solve disputes and find satisfactory solutions to any problem
  4. Offer support to all members and provide necessary feedback
  5. Help facilitate conflict resolution meetings
  6. Budget approval of projects
  7. Provide Professional Development opportunities
  8. Oversee membership compliance with all expectations

Role of Dr. Kyra Garson

  1. Provide training and resources for members’ intercultural development
  2. Oversee all members Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment
  3. Develop action items for every member based on IDI Results.
  4. Consult on strategies to bring awareness to campus
  5. Individual IDI coaching – debrief and plans

Yearly expectations

  1. Orientation involvement
  2. I-Days involvement
  3. Create separate events that engage the campus with intercultural awareness
  4. Retreat and training
  5. Social media presence
  6. Individual progress report

Professional development (PD) opportunities

IC Council is prepared to provide Professional Development opportunities for all its members. However, all members may not get to go at once. Conferences, workshops, and travel opportunities are earned and will be assessed by council and TRU World Advisory members.

Only the members who go above and beyond and show a true interest and enthusiasm for this subject matter and our goals will be eligible to attend. The Advisory representatives will highlight a plan of the year based on available conferences and workshops; all members are encouraged to look for other opportunities to bring to the council.

One of TRU World representative is to accompany eligible members if travel is required.