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Intercultural Council Program

TRU World’s Intercultural Council (IC) is a student driven initiative that focuses on increasing cultural awareness on campus. The IC Council’s goal is to engage students who have a keen interest in learning more about cultures and working together with a diverse group to help build a strong level of intercultural competence.

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Developing intercultural competence is a self-reflective, intentional process focused on understanding patterns of difference and commonality between yourself (and your cultural group) and other culture group’s perceptions, values and practices. IC Council members will be provided with a wide variety of professional development opportunities and then be encouraged to create inclusive events that unite all cultures on campus. Because TRU is blessed with a rich cultural diversity it is important to reach out and make connections with others; the world is on campus and it is truly the perfect opportunity for students meet others from different cultural backgrounds and make connections – you never know where those relationships may take you!

IC Council wants it members to:

  • Gain an understanding of your own cultural strengths and sensitivities
  • Learn how to be a proficient cross-cultural communicator
  • Work to gain more cultural awareness
  • Learn how to become engaged with other cultures (not just at the surface level)
  • Be a champion for the beauty and benefits culture brings us all

Benefits to joining:

  • Be a part of a rich, culturally diverse team
  • Wide variety of professional development opportunities – conferences, seminars, event planning, social media, keynote speakers, etc
  • Learn more about yourself and others from different cultural backgrounds

Intercultural Awareness

Intercultural Awareness Discover Connect Experience Become
Noticing Culture (Attitudes) Demonstrate interest to learn about other cultures Discuss multiple cultural perspectives and practices Participate in intercultural learning activities Assess your learning and articulate strategies to continue learning about other cultures
Cultural Self-Awareness (Knowledge - reflection) Identify one’s own cultural values and preferences Illustrate the ability to interpret intercultural experiences from one’s own and other worldviews Explain the influence of culture on one’s own worldviews Evaluate positive and negative aspects of one’s own culture(s)
Intercultural Learning (Knowledge - theory) Define intercultural competence and describe a cultural values framework Explain how differences in cultural values can lead to stereotypes and biases Discuss how assumptions of similarity or assumptions of difference can influence intercultural experiences Assess one’s own intercultural capacity including areas for future skills development
Intercultural Communication (Skills) Explain differences in cultural communication Describe one’s own communication style preferences and how they are influenced by culture Develop and articulate strategies to adapt communication strategies in multicultural contexts Demonstrate ability to interact and communicate effectively in multicultural settings
Language and Culture (Skills and Knowledge) Demonstrate interest in learning an additional language Explain the relationship between language and culture learning Obtain communicative proficiency in an additional language Compare worldviews based on knowledge of more than one language

IC Council Contacts:

Craig Engleson – Manager, Events, Activities, Housing
TRU World

Dr. Kyra Garson – Intercultural Coordinator
Center for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation

Kamal Kaur – International Student Advisor
TRU World

Reuben Onyango – International Student Advisor
TRU World