Portfolio & Forms

As part of the Global Competency (GLBL) Certificate students will need to complete an E-portfolio. The portfolio will be used to submit a reflective essay, point verification information, and the giveback piece. Essentially the portfolio is where students will highlight and demonstrated global competency; whether that be by developing knowledge, skills, attitudes, or awareness.

Students will also need to include a ‘Giveback piece’ with their portfolio submission. The giveback piece shows that students are able to share what they've learned with others in a meaningful way. Giveback pieces have been submitted in a variety of forms in the past; with everything from a class presentation, to a YouTube video, and even blogs being accepted.

Steps to start:

Download the following forms that are applicable to you and start filling them out.

Things to think about for your E-portfolio:

The following are guidelines to the three categories of global competence used at TRU. They should be considered when preparing your giveback piece and your written reflection. Providing specific examples of your learning will enhance your application.



  • Understanding your field of study from the perspective of your own and another culture or country
  • World history, current events and global issues (social, economic, political and environmental)
  • Other cultural world views
  • International relationships and networks



  • Intercultural communications
  • Ability to incorporate the views of international peers (for example fellow students or coworkers)
  • Learning foreign languages
  • Capacity to cope with ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Critical, analytical, and reflective thinking
  • Transferability of skills and knowledge to other cultural contexts
  • Cross-cultural conflict resolution


Attitudes and Awareness

  • Cultural self-awareness
  • Respect and empathy for others' views and needs
  • Appreciation of diversity
  • Empathy and withholding judgment
  • Concern for the world, the environment, and social issues
  • Interest in making a difference – a positive contribution
  • Recognition of your own culture's role in global issues

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