Categories and Points

The points system:

Students are required to earn a total of 12 points in any 2 of the following categories (with no more than seven points in one category):

CategoryLow (1 point)Medium (3 points)High (5 points)
Category A: Additional Language 3 credits in ONE language 9 credits in ONE language 15 credits in ONE language OR Proficiency (via proficiency test, PLAR, or validated by other test means)
Category B: Global Competency Related Courses (credit or service) 1 course 3 courses 5 courses
Category C: International Experience TRU International Field Trip (not for credit) OR International Volunteer Experience (One week in duration) OR Military service (Out of country) OR Other international experience (documented by student) TRU International Field Course (for credit) OR International Volunteer Experience (Month or more in duration) Study Abroad (for credit) OR COOP, Internship, Practicum Abroad
Category D: Employment activity related to global competency development 50 hours 150 hours 250 hours
Category E: Volunteer Related activity in Canada (on or off TRU Campus) 15 hours 25 hours 35 hours

Notes on the point system:

  • You can only earn a maximum of 7 points in any one category
  • You cannot count activities twice (no 'double dipping')
  • Up to 7 points can be transferred from other institutions
  • All points claimed must be substantiated and documented in your portfolio

Courses counting towards points:

All GLBL approved courses

Please note that this list is not exclusive. Send the names of any courses you think may be relevant but are not included to the Coordinator.

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