Student Testimonials

I decided to put a lot of visuality in my global competency and this took a good chunk of time to piece together. The results in the end were worth it and I enjoyed the process of concentrated proof of my personal successes and milestones. Jen (TRU BSW graduate)
I was already a go-getter and involved in TRU activities on campus and always involved in getting as much experience as I could. So I was really happy when I heard about the GCC because it was like a reward or validation of all the work I had put in. Sure, you get letters of appreciation and service awards and such but this was much more official and an actual designation! Havovie (TRU BTM student)
The type of person who qualifies for the Global Competency Certificate is the type of person who is proud of the way they embrace the diversity of the world- they are strong enough in mind and heart to know who they are and how far they’ve come. But it’s undeniably nice to finally have a formal certificate, backed by the respect and dignity of a University, to prove to the world what lies inside. Kate (TRU BTM graduate)
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