Giveback Piece

Students are able to present on whatever topic they wish as long as the content relates to their experiences in their global competency portfolio.


We expect students to be available to speak to their poster for an hour. If you want ideas about where you can do a poster session International days "global village" is a great opportunity! For more ideas please contact the credential coordinator at

  • 24 inch / 36 inch (61 cm x 91.4)
  • Create in Power Point
  • In Power Point, select design.  Then select page set up. Select portrait. Then set dimensions to 61 x 91.4 or 24 x 36 inches
  • Choose your layout
  • Insert text or images
  • You can also insert text boxes to make additional sections
  • Be careful with borders (3/4 inch to be safe)
  • Please include your email on the poster (bottom) in case anyone wants to contact you.


  • Six-entry minimum with each entry being about 2 paragraphs (which is one cohesive thought)
  • Preferably we would like these blogs to go on a TRU website but we understand this may not always be possible so other websites would be accepted

Class presentation

  • Three to five minutes long
  • Instructors that allow for a class presentation must sign the “Global Competency form” verifying that you presented to the class. (See portfolio page for forms)

Write and publish a newspaper/magazine article

  • Articles must be published to count. Sometimes students have submitted articles to be published but they were not approved.
  • Documentation of the published piece must be submitted in the portfolio.

YouTube video

  • Must be three to five minutes long
  • Students do not have to be in the video
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