The Orientation & Transition team, comprised of professional and student staff, strives to create a warm, welcoming and academically supportive community for over 3,000 new-to-TRU students each year.

Four Orientation & Transition Student Ambassadors work to provide information and guidance to interested students and other relevant parties at booths around campus and at other campus and community events. Ambassadors also lead training for orientation volunteers, and host informational TRU Student Life workshops throughout the semester.

New this year is a mentor/mentee program: As a new student it can be overwhelming to come to a new school, maybe even a new city, meet new people and adapt to a new level of education. Orientation and transitions ambassadors are an incredible support as a mentor to help make your first year as successful as possible.

Meet our 2018/2019 Ambassadors:

Archie Mitra

Archie Mitra

Program of study: Bachelor of Arts, majoring in history

Advice for a new-to-TRU student: Do not let what you see intimidate you, it is not as overwhelming as it looks. Be open to everything that comes your way and try your hand at it, because that is how you will truly know what is good for you and what is not.

Carpe Diem! Seize the moment make your lives extraordinary!

Interesting/unique fact about me: I would be your easiest hello, and your hardest goodbye.


Breanne McAmmond

Breanne McAmmond

Program of study: Bachelor of Science (Hons), majoring in general biology

Advice for a new-to-TRU student: Get involved as much as you can! Join a club, look into doing research, or apply for various leadership positions around campus—being an active member in the TRU community is a great way to boost your resume, meet new people, and have fun.

Interesting/unique fact about me: I’ve been skiing since I was 16 months old! I’m one of the few people that look forward to big snow dumps, and when I’m not on campus, you can probably find me on the slopes at Sun Peaks.

Kayla Sandford

Kayla Sanford

Program of study: Bachelor of Science, majoring in general biology and minoring in psychology

Advice for a new-to-TRU student: Talk to your professors and dig deeper into your course material! Because classroom sizes at TRU are small you are able to form connections with your professors and strengthen your knowledge beyond what you might just learn in the lecture.

Interesting/unique fact about me: I am very musical and managed to fit a guitar, a piano, and a ukulele into my room in TRU Residence.

Tim Edge

Tim Edge

Program of study: Bachelor of Arts

Advice for a new-to-TRU student: Ask questions and get involved.

Interesting/unique fact about me: I was born in South Africa!

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