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As a working professional, you have the ability to show students the link between their education and prospective careers.

Be a mentor for TRU students to show them now, what you wanted to know then!

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Why Volunteer?

  • BUILD your network
  • SHARE your career path
  • IMPACT student career growth
  • CONNECT with the TRU campus
  • ENHANCE leadership & coaching skills

Interested in volunteering as a Career Mentor? E-mail us at or click the button below for our online registration form!

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Career Mentoring Events

Career Mentoring Events are hands-on and designed to enhance students career understanding as well as build mentoring and networking relationships. 

Mentors share their career path and expertise with eager TRU students regarding the transition from campus to career, industry information, and changes in the labour market.

There are a number of Career Mentoring events throughout the year. You can also register to be contacted for general mentorship opportunities. 

2018/2019 Career Mentoring Events

Event Name




Connect: All Faculties

October 23, 2018

CAC Grand Hall

A speed-networking event where students meet with 5-10 professionals over the course of the event. During this time, students are given the opportunity to ask career related questions from knowledgeable industry professionals.

Connect: Tourism Management   

January 23, 2019

CAC Grand Hall

Speed-networking event where Mentors particpate in-person or virtually by video-call. This event is specific to students enroled in any Tourism Management program. This event takes place from 4:45pm - 6:15pm. Students must pre-register at

Connect: Adventure Studies

January 23, 2019

CAC Mountain Room

Speed-networking event where Mentors participate virtually by video-call. This event is specific to Adventure Studies students.

Meal with a Mentor: Graduate Studies


  This event has been postponed for the 2018/2019 year.

More Information:

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Mentor Registration

If you are interested in the Career Mentoring program, please send an email to