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Tuition Sponsorship

TRU's sponsorship model is centered around the needs of our students. Our goal is to ensure that we are providing support to our current and future students as they complete their post-secondary studies. We are formalizing the tuition sponsorship agreement between the sponsor and the student and as a result sponsored students will become more involved in the sponsorship process from the time of registration. This will make it easier for students to plan for their stuides while having the financial support of a sponsor.

All financial activity will be maintained in the student's account, making the process more transparent for both the student and the sponsor.

Communication regarding how much to pay on behalf of a student and when to pay will be between the sponsored student and sponsor. Students can obtain their detailed account activity through myTRU.

Sponsored students are responsible for the outstanding balance on their student account at all times. Payment deadlines for sponsored students are the same as the deadlines for all other students. There are specific deadlines depending on the course or program of study.

If a sponsored student's fees are not paid in full by the payment due date, a financial hold will be placed on their account.

If a student's account is in arrears, the student can make a payment to bring their account into good standing and then ask the sponsor for reimbursement.

TRU will not accept Tuition Sponsorship applications for courses that are less than two weeks long. If the course start and end date is within a two week period, fees must be paid in full before the course is taken. These fees can still be paid by someone other than the student; it just won't be recorded by TRU as a formal sponsorship.

Assessment Centre fees must be prepaid before the service can be provided.

TRU recognizes the challenges faced by students in securing funding for their education. If a sponsor will not be covering all expenses for a student, other forms of financial assistance are available.

For additional information and a detailed description of the sponsorship process, please review the following:

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