Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Student Policies

There are four types of policies at Thompson Rivers University:

  • Policies adopted by the Board Of Governors (BRD)
  • Policies adopted by Senate (ED)
  • Policies adopted by the Planning Council Open Learning (ED)
  • Policies adopted by President's Council (ADM)

Students should familiarize themselves with institutional policies and regulations applicable to their studies. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of institutional policies and as such, students should review the institutional listing which can be found on the Thompson Rivers University’s Official Policies and Procedures website.

Board Policies

  • Respectful Workplace and Harassment Prevention Policy (BRD 17-0)
  • Greek Organizations (BRD 20-0)

Senate Policies & Planning Council Open Learning Policies

  • Withdrawals (ED 3-0)
  • Student Attendance (ED 3-1)
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (ED 3-2)
  • Student Academic Appeals (ED 4-0)
  • Student Academic Integrity (ED 5-0)
  • Suspension of Students (ED 7-0)

President's Council Policies

  • Alcohol (ADM 5-3)
  • Student Off-Campus Safety and Travel (ADM 22-1)