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Craving pizza?

Located in BMO Student Street (Old Main, first floor), PizzaForno’s Automated Pizzeria serves delicious handmade artisanal pizza in under three minutes in a state-of-the-art oven. Open 24/7 (yes, weekends!) and stocked with different pizza varieties including classics like pepperoni and meat lovers.


Order your pizza hot or select the cold option to take away and cook your pizza at home.

Watch the magic happen through the viewing window on the side of the machine!

Cold pizza baking instructions

Remove your cold pizza from the cardboard box. Bake it in your oven at 430F for 2-3 minutes. Broil on high for 1-2 minutes.

Menu options

  • Pepperoni
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Four Cheese
  • Meat Lovers

As well as seasonal limited time offer specialty varieties when available.

Payment options

MasterCard, Visa, debit, and mobile pay apps such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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