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Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary


A vegetarian is a person who chooses to eat a diet of grains, pulses, legumes, nuts, seed, vegetables, fruits, fungi, algae, yeast and/or some other non-animal based foods with, or without, dairy products, honey and/or eggs (Vegetarian Society). A person may choose a vegetarian diet because of concerns about health, animal rights, environmental responsibility, and/or religious reasons.

There are different classifications of vegetarianism:

  • Lacto-ovo vegetarians: the most common, eat dairy products and eggs.
  • Lacto-vegetarians: eat dairy products and avoid eggs.
  • Ovo-vegetairan: eat eggs but not dairy products.

We offer a variety of vegetarian options at all of our locations on campus. The introduction of our VEGETARIAN specific label will allow for easier identification of vegetarian safe options.

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