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Here’s what students who’ve been to SL Sessions tell us (on class surveys):
SL Students
  • It helped me more clearly identify what needed to be focused on for studying. Also clarified material I was unclear on.
  • I feel a lot better about the course material when I walk out of SL.
  • An amazing addition to my learning at TRU!
  • SL sessions are a real booster. I've been motivated for my upcoming exams by attending these sessions.
  • The useful thing was that people work together and it provides a lot help and confidence.
  • Loved the community I built there, felt comfortable and welcome every time! So thankful for it!
  • I'm very happy these sessions are available! I find them extremely valuable!
  • I really appreciate this service. I enjoy the in-depth review of key concepts, and the hands on/off approach used by the SL leaders. They encourage you to figure it out... but step in when you can't puzzle it out.
  • I felt like part of a team, I felt supported and encouraged! I wish there was SL for all my courses. 
  • Putting the material into practice with interactive activities is a great way to learn, I understand the material much better and feel great about it when I leave SL.
  • An incredible asset... Made studying for midterms a breeze!
  • The collaborative work really helped me build a better foundation. 
  • SL enables us to figure out problems on our own and increase our confidence in the subject.
  • Very helpful, I really enjoy sessions, they are awesome! I'm grateful my courses are supported by SL.
  • SL stops me from losing sight of prior material. My understanding of the course as a whole improved by going to SL.
  • Very helpful - especially the diagrams and hands on approach.
  • I went from 80% on my first midterm to a 97% on my second midterm after attending SL weekly.
  • A lot more helpful than just studying on my own time
  • It was beneficial to review regularly, using a much more varied approach than I traditionally use for studying.
  • Without the SL I would be failing this class instead of getting B+.
  • I really enjoy the study methods and the ways she makes it fun.
  • Useful strategies and study tips. SL leaders are fantastic!
  • It helped to focus my studying.
  • Helped to see what needed to be studied… a good way to better understand course material and to practice…
  • I loved meeting new people and yes, teaching each other made it much clearer.
  • Even when we worked on things I was comfortable with, it still cemented my knowledge even further.
  • The SL Leader really cares about our learning.
Students in ACCT 1000/2210 say:
  • It helped me to understand what exactly Accounting is, and I think it improved my grade.
  • It was useful. Getting together with other students that are motivated and want learn more in the same area makes for a productive setting. The SL leaders were good and very helpful.
  • Extremely useful, provides a second perspective to topics that can make understanding easier
  • The leader is awesome!! Exercises are practical... A great hands-on experience. Thanks.
  • It was helpful to relate to other students and share insights on practice questions.
  • The continuous practice really helped embed some key things into my head.
  • I honestly don't think I would be passing accounting if it were't for SL. Our leader is amazing and so helpful.
From Students in BIOL 1110/1210, and BIOL 2280:
  • Activities were fun and useful in remembering difficult terms. Working in groups helped me finding new ways to learn. 
  • Very useful, I obtain a lot from these groups! flash cares are great the little tests are great
  • Julianna does a great job of reviewing the information that we have learned in class and creating fun activities for us to do while we learn.
  • It made me want to be an SL leader one day!
  • The interaction between students really helped me work out answers to problems. We worked as a team and reminded each other of concepts 1 or 2 of us might have forgotten. Everyone had a chance to help out!
  • I have been attending SL sessions once or twice a weekl The payoff is noticeable...
  • ...A fun and entertaining way to learn and understand the concepts covered in lecture.
  • Talking about concepts together and having the input from different points of view helped me and made it fun.
And from those in BIOL 1592/1692:
  • SL session are really great! I greatly appreciate the leaders and the planning they do... The activities really do help solidify the concepts.
  • The reviews they do for quizzes and the midterm give me more than enough practice to do well in the course.
  • The worksheets/practice questions and flash cards provided helped focus my studying
  • Extremely helpful for staying on track and figuring out what parts... I felt confident in and parts i needed to work on and different ways to learn those parts.
  • Invaluable tool for my learning, comprehension, and retention of the material
  • I love the study tools and activities that are prepared for the sessions.
  • It's a great way to solidify what was taught in lecture as lectures can be fast paced... 
  • Meeting with other students was really eye opening. It made me think of the subject in a whole new light.
  • The activities were really engaging and fun. I also liked the charts/matrices - they really helped organize the material.
  • Extremely helpful...The sessions really improved my learning and helped my grade.
CHEM 1500/1510/1520, and 2120 students had this to say:
  • Practice problems on drawing and naming difficult molecules and Kahoot on Functional Groups has been super beneficial and fun!
  • Very open environment and easy to ask questions.
  • Flash cards, little quizzes, working out problems, literally everything is amazing and helpful!!
  • Our leader is exceptional at providing challenging questions that evoke the missing link(s) in our understanding, and then asking guiding questions that connect the dots.
  • So much fun, and helped me understand...
  • SL has been crucial to my success. I felt so overwhelmed this semester... and [now] OChem is where I feel the most confident.
  • The most important aspect of SL is that it shows you what you do not know and/or the areas in which you are weak.
  • Gave me a nice direction for what I should already know, and helped me figure out what I needed to study
  • Since I started attending regularly, my marks became higher and I started feeling more confident.
  • The most useful thing was the practice in identifying foundational concepts in new material. We’ve worked through examples in order to gain a better understanding. Also, the leader does a good job of periodically tying things back to an older topic.
  • Very useful, we went over concepts that I wasn't sure about and by the end of session I understood it a lot more.
  • I wouldn't pass Chem. without them! Yay SL!
  • It is great to discuss questions you have... and find that most of students at SL were stuck on the same topics I was.
  • Super helpful! ...Really the reason I am getting such good grades!
  • So very helpful to have time to practice a few examples with someone who knows and understands the material.
  • My over all understanding increased for this subject because the leader made if fun and interesting for us.
Students from PHYS 1100/1200 shared this:
  • The leader has helped me a lot. Our sessions are useful.
  • Good practice. Very helpful!
From GEOG 1000, 1010, + 2050 students:
  • It was very helpful in preparing for my midterm! I was grateful ...as the course can be challenging and it made it seem more manageable.
  • The Session was absolutely amazing. The way it was structured and the techniques used for concepts was way more effective.
  • Extremely useful. Did well on lab midterm almost entirely due to it.
  • The SL session leader was really great and helpful. I think it’s a great tool to help students further their learning and solidify it based on course content helping them do well on midterm/tests.
  • Super useful, getting more in depth understandings of things makes it a lot easier to remember, plus discussing topics with other is more rewarding come test time.
What PSYC students say about SL:
  • It definitely made me realize how much I don't know about the subject. I'm not sure if it's benefited me enough to go every week, but if there's a topic I struggle in then I'll go.
  • So helpful, and created a good learning atmosphere with peers. Definitely need SL for this course.
  • SL is incredibly helpful, and is probably the reason why I am passing.
  • It's super helpful to have a set time and place to study with someone who has already learned the material, instead of trying to coordinate a study group on your own.
  • Thank goodness for SL sessions. Who knows what my grades would have been like without them. It helped me to figure out concepts I had no clue how to figure out on my own.
  • SL sessions have been really useful to review the concepts learned in class with peers and to practice problems with them.
  • Very useful—the handouts, vocab and student led discussions of what is touched on in the class. I feel like the SL is just part of my curriculumwhere i have peers and a student leader to go over information that may be confusing or misunderstood in class.
  • Yes! The SL sessions are fantastic. It has greatly improved my grade. I am a big supporter...
  • Helpful for connecting ideas and looking at correlations.
  • I find I'm able to retain better when learning in this atmosphere.
PHIL 1110 + 2220 students had this to say:
  • The SL sessions are extremely helpful. The review sheets provided before tests are quite useful and the sessions provide an opportunity to discuss difficult concepts and break them down into simpler ideas...
  • The sessions are light and fun along with being educational so i enjoy going. It's a good way to catch up in a fun way
  • I likely would have dropped the course without the SL.Could not comprehend the material on my own.
  • Tim did an amazing job walking us through the steps we needed help with. So thankful to have this!
  • I had the opportunity to interact with some of the students from my class as well as share so many ideas and opinions.
  • I got a more clear picture about what was going on in the course and it is a great place to revise the topics
  • I left feeling like I had learned adn refreshed what I knew.
  • For those of us who took advantage of SL it has made all the difference in the world.
  • I have exceptional marks and a huge reason for that was my SL attendance.
LAWF 3070 + 3010 students are saying:
  • The law SLs are VERY useful. They clear up questions on legal concepts and provide a great collaborative environment with peers.
  • Very helpful. The concepts seem more tangible now.
  • The printed fact pattern problems give an opportunity to test our knowledge and get an idea of what to study and how our knowledge will be tested.
  • SL sessions provide a great opportunity to apply the material we learned to examples. I would definitely recommend the sessions to my peers.
  • So useful, just the act of going over the material and then applying it practically is so helpful to understanding
  • Taught me how to think about the problems efficiently. And increased my confidence with the subject matter.
  • The leaders are super helpful at getting you to practice skills that matter and  to narrow your focus and becoming comfortable with topics that are overwhelming at first.
  • These strategies can be used in all exams and it is therefore helpful in numerous ways. I also appreciated that by doing the exercises in torts SL, I was learning where my shortcomings are and what I needed to review in order to improve.
  • The sessions are helpful in cementing the concepts learned during our regular classes. Repetition of the material as well as applying it to additional scenarios builds memory muscle.
  • Makes me less anxious about the exam. I like and understand this course better than my other courses because of SL.
  • The sessions were amazing!
  • It has been an invaluable asset to have the chance to review, repeat and apply the skills we are learning in class.
Students who haven’t attended sessions give reasons such as these:
  • Although I didn't attend sessions, I would have done som uch better in the course by attending them.
  • I’m kinda lazy.
  • Can never remember when they are.
  • Don’t study till the last minute
  • Too tired; just don’t want to study.
  • Lack of ambition
  • I wish I had gone to one but just always forget they were happening until it was over.
  • The course is easy for me.
  • Too busy.
  • Work better on my own.
  • Passing is good enough for me.
  • I just didn't think of it, but I probably should have. It would have done me good.
  • I have no reason. I should be going.
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