SL Session Schedule

Updated March 2, 2021 

SL support is provided remotely for WI21, through an SL Moodle shell for each course. Leaders are working to foster community in their virtual sessions while providing guided practice and strategic approaches to study. Consider giving the supports they provide a try. Courses supported are listed below, with details updated regularly. 

WINTER 2021 SL Schedule

Sessions began 1/18 and extend through the last day of classes. No sessions are held on Stat holidays or Reading Week (any exceptions indicated.) Information on upcoming exam reviews is included below.

Please note: Days of the week are abbreviated as M, T, W, R, F, SA, SU. Times are designated on a 12-hour cycle. Courses supported are based on the Kamloops campus. If no sections are mentioned, all sections are supported. 

All Sessions

Arts Sessions

Law Sessions

Science Sessions

SOBE Sessions

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