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Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary
Thompson Rivers University 50th Anniversary

SL Session Schedule

Covid-19 Updates

Updated March 30

All face-to-face SL Sessions and Exam Reviews are cancelled for the remainder of the term. Watch for notices from leaders about alternative or virtual forms of support. Check below for links provided as they are established.

Like all of us, the leaders are doing their best to adapt to the circumstances. Replicating SL approaches may not prove possible, but they'll do their best to provide guided practice and strategic approaches to study. I encourage you to give the supports they extend a try.

Thank you for your patience with this evolving situation, and wish you all the best as you navigate the challenges of the rest of the term.


For the latest information on COVID-19 and the impacts to TRU, please visit

Winter 2020 SL Session Schedule-with updates re. alternate formats

Face-to-face sessions are suspended. Check below for updated session delivery.

ACCT 2210 Financial Accounting Faculty: Dan Pan, Kai Bauman, Michael Hays, Mackenzie Kanigan, Siena Aberdeen
ACCT 1000 -01 Financial Accounting Faculty: Dan Pan
SL Leader: Isla Adderson Sessions: M 3:00-3:50 OM 2641; W 4:00-4:50 AE 104
SL Leader: Abhi Malhotra Sessions: W 10:30-11:20 IB 1023; R 4:00-4:50 HL 204

There’s a Moodle SL course in place for you (Supplemental Learning Accounting 1000/2210), with an exam review activity and another couple posted. Several students are enrolled. If you’re not yet, consider enrolling yourself. 
Exam Reviews: F1/31 4-6 OM2651; F2/7 4-6 OM2651; F3/6 4-6 OM2651; F 3/20 4:00-6:00; SU 4/19 10:00-12:00 

BIOL 1210 Principles of Biology I Faculty: Marc Jones, Susan Purdy
SL Leader: Elvira Mukharryamova Sessions: F 10:30-11:30 OM 1762
SL Leader: Julianna Bissonnette Sessions: W 11:30-12:20 OM 2402; R 1:30-2:20 OM 2771
There’s a Moodle course set up for SL (BIOL 1210 - Supplemental Learning), with activities posted for the week. If you’re not yet enrolled, consider it. 
Exam Reviews: M 2/10 6:30-8:30 OM 2612; 
BIOL 1692  Human Biology: A & P 2 Faculty: Karen Ross
SL Leader: Katie Ignace Sessions: T 11:30-12:20 OM 2642; F 1:30-2:20 OM2216 
SL Leader: Cody York Sessions: T 12:30-1:20 IB 1023; R 12:30-1:20 OM 2771

Moodle Access: If the link does not work the title of the Moodle course is: SL BIOL 1692 Supplemental Learning Anatomy and Physiology (Winter 20)
Exam Reviews: F 2/7 3:45-5:45 OM 2651; F 3/20 4:00-6:00 OM 2651;  R 4/9 5:30-7:30 OM 2221

CHEM 1510/1520 Chemical Bonding + Organic Chemistry Faculty: Marten Lettinga; Sharon Brewer, Norm Reed, Nela Mora-Diez
SL Leader: Jasmine Fast Sessions: R 1:30-2:20 OM OM 1761; F 12:30-1:20 HL 204
SL Leader: Alex Parobec Sessions: T 9:30-10:20 OM 2651; W 12:30-1:50 HL 204
Jasmine & Alex have a Moodle site (SL_CHEM 1510/1520 - Principles of Chemistry), for students to enroll in. Watch for more. 
Exam Reviews: SA2/1 4-6 OM2651; SA 28; SU 3/1 3:30-5:30 OM 2651; SU 3/22 3:30-5:30 OM 2651
CHEM 2220 Organic Chemistry I Faculty: Heidi Huttunen-Hennelly
SL Leader: Julianna Bissonnette Sessions: M 5:30-6:20 OM 1771; R 9:30-10:20 OM 1772 
Julianna has set up Moodle support, and is keeping to a session schedule, with posted resources, at CHEM 2220_01_02_SL - Organic Chemistry,
Exam Reviews: W 2/12, 5:00-7:00, OM 2221; W 4/1, 5:00-7:00, OM 222; TBD
PHYS 1200 Fundamentals of Physics I Faculty: Dan Bissonnette, Robin Kleiv
SL Leader: Brandon Hayashi Sessions: T 1:30-2:20 OM 1762; F 11:30-12:20 HL 269
Exam Reviews: SA2/1 1-3OM2652; SU 2/23 4-6 OM2651; SU 3/8 2:00-4:00 OM 2651; TBD
Brandon has a Moodle site (Supplemental Learning PHYS 1200).  Connect with him for help enrolling or with questions about how to participate.
GEOG 1000 Planet Earth: Intro Earth System Science Faculty: Michael Allchin
SL Leader: Narain Spolia Sessions: F 10:30-11:20 AE 164 
Narain has set up an SL Moodle course for you (GEOG 1000_SL - Introduction to Earth System Sciences). If you haven't yet, enrol and check it out.
Exam Reviews: W 1/29 2:30-4:30 (extends session) OM 2216; M 3/9 3:30-5:30 OM 2221
GEOG 1010 People, Places, Landscapes: Intro Human Geography Faculty: Gilles Viaud, Kim Naqvi
SL Leader: Narain Spolia Sessions: R 10-10:50 AE 104
SL Leader: Breena Rusnell Sessions: T 10:30-11:20 HL 204
Breena & Narain have established this Moodle course for you: GEOG 1010_SL - Introduction to Human Geography.
Exam Reviews: for -01 W 2/12 5:30-7:00 OM 2751
                       for -02 M 2/3 4:30-6:00 OM 2221; F 3/6 4:00-5:30 OM 2742; SA 4/11 12:00-2:00 OM 2662
GEOG 2050 Introduction to Hydrology Faculty: Darryl Carlyle-Moses
SL Leader: Breena Rusnell Sessions: M 2:30-3:20 OM 2216
Breena has the following in place for you: GEOG 2050 SL - Introduction to Hydrology. The site includes direction, lots review activities and resources. 
Exam Reviews: 2/24, extends session from 2:30-4:30 
PSYC 1110 Introduction to Psychology I Faculty: Dinesh Ramoo, Michael Woloszyn, Ruth Hofrichter
SL Leader: Cassidy Jean Sessions: T 1:30-2:20 OM 1761; R 9:30-10:20 AE 212
SL Leader: Devon de Vries Sessions: W 5:30-6:20 OM 2612
Cassidy & Devon have the SL Moodle site (Supplemental Learning for Intro Psych).
Exam Review: T 4/14 4:30-6:30 
PSYC 2100 Analysis of Psychological Data Faculty: Chris Montoya
SL Leader: Devon de Vries Sessions: M 12:30-1:20 OM 1751
For PSYC 2100, Devon's set up the Moodle course: "SL-PSYC 2100 - Analysis of Psychological Data Supplemental Learning." To enroll, the password is Flattenthecurve. Email him if you have problems enrolling.
Exam Reviews: TBD
PHIL 1110 Introduction to Critical Thinking Faculty: Jeff McLaughlin, Wes Furlotte, Tim Fitzjohn
SL Leader: Tim Burris Sessions: T 4:30-5:20 OM 1771; R 10:00-10:50 OM 2632
Tim has established a single Moodle course, for both: "Supplemental Learning for Philosophy 1110 and 2220 (Winter 20)" (enrollment key is reasoning).
Exam Reviews: SA 3/21 12:00-2:00 in 
PHIL 2220 Elementary Formal Logic Faculty: Jenna Woodrow
SL Leader: Tim Burris Sessions: W 3:30-4:20 HL 204; F 11:30-12:20 AE 164
Tim has established a single Moodle course, for both: "Supplemental Learning for Philosophy 1110 and 2220 (Winter 20)" (enrollment key is reasoning).
Exam Reviews: W 2/5, 3/4, 3/25 3:30-5:30; TBD 

LAWF 3070 Torts Faculty: Craig Jones
SL Leaders: Kate Dueck & Monica Salt  
Sessions: R 1:00-2:15 [biweekly: 3/19, 4/2]   Sessions + Reviews provided by distance, with support accessible during session and exam review times. Information available via FB.
Exam Review: SU 4/19 2:00-4:00 

LAWF 3010 Constitutional Faculty: Janna Promislow, Nicole Schabus
SL Leaders: Angelica Kovac & Cory Song 
Sessions: R 1:00-2:15 [biweekly:  3/26, 4/9] Sessions + Reviews provided by distance, with support accessible during session and exam review times. Information available via FB.
Exam Review: R 4/16, 5:00-7:00 

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