Safe on Campus

A daily health check is required of everyone coming to campus. You must answer ‘no’ to all of the questions to pass the daily health check. If you answer 'yes' to any questions, you cannot enter the relevant premises on campus.

  • As per the Provincial Health Office, vaccinations are encouraged and a personal choice, but not a mandatory requirement to work at or attend on-campus courses at BC’s post-secondary institutions, including TRU’s Kamloops and Williams Lake campuses.
  • If you work on campus (faculty, staff or employed students), you must confirm with your supervisor or designate that you have completed and passed the daily health check. Anyone who has not passed the daily health check or who starts feeling symptoms while at work is not permitted to work on campus and must return or stay at home.
  • Everyone working on campus, including students attending face-to-face instruction or participating in athletic training must complete training.
  • When indoors, you must wear a mask. Exceptions to this are when you are working alone in your office, you are working in a cubicle in an open office distanced from other cubicles and/or engineered controls are in place to create separation.
  • Review our COVID-19 decision tree and know when to stay home, when to seek medical attention and when and who to notify.
  • Follow physical distancing in common spaces and as instructed in your classes.
  • Frequently wash and or sanitize your hands.
  • You may need to sign in/sign out of some rooms.
  • There may be times when you will need to sanitize/clean a surface or item. Signage and supplies will be provided.
  • TRU’s institutional safety plan outlines the plans, protocols and resources in place to protect the health and safety of our community.
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