Teaching and Instruction

Standardized safety plans to support face-to-face teaching and instruction, and experiential learning can be found below. These plans are designed to ensure safe access and use of shared learning spaces, including:

  • Teaching laboratories including science, medical, studios, arts, technology/computer
  • Trades shops
  • Classrooms will be centrally managed by OSEM. Capacities and seating configurations have been pre-determined and posted in the classroom and on the Room Capacities page.

Protocols consider a variety of controls such as room occupancy limits, furniture/equipment rearrangement, student spacing within facilities, scheduling and location of classes, appropriate cleaning and disinfecting procedures and signage.

Safety plans for common spaces outside of these teaching areas as well as traffic management within buildings and common areas, among other considerations, are managed by OSEM.

  • Download the safety plan instructions document and a copy of either the standardized lab/studio safety plan template or the standardized shop safety plan template.
  • Review the Exposure Control section on this site in order to understand the effectiveness of the various control measures.
  • The dean or manager of the area will solicit input from others within the department to complete the plan.
  • If you have questions about the exposure control information or the safety plan template, please email osem@tru.ca.
  • Send a draft plan to osem@tru.ca for review by OSEM staff.
  • Once approved, the plan will be returned to you to sign and return to OSEM. This copy will be provided to those in the approval chain, including the provost/vice president Administration and Finance.
  • All staff will require training on the safety plan so that they are aware of its contents. A record of this training is to be kept by the dean or manager.
  • All staff are required to complete the additional training requirements as noted in the Training section of this site.
  • A copy of the approved safety plan will be posted on the COVID-19 OneTRU site so that staff may access it at any time.
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