Specialized Units/Services

This safety plan category applies to specialized units and services on campus whose operations fall into one or more of the provincial sector guidelines (e.g. athletic facilities, food services, health care, retail, etc.) or are otherwise specialized based on the nature of their activities (e.g. facilities management, campus security, residence services, etc.).

The safety plan should be completed by an individual in a leadership position within the unit, and should ensure that resumption activities have appropriate approval from senior leadership to proceed.

The safety plans should follow the expectations of a gradual return of employees to campus. Where it is possible to continue to provide support remotely, employees should continue to work from home.

  • Download the safety plan instructions document and a copy of the standardized specialized units safety plan template.
  • Review the Exposure Control section on this site in order to understand the effectiveness of the various control measures.
  • The dean or manager of the area will solicit input from others within the department to complete the plan.
  • If you have questions about the exposure control information or the safety plan template, please email osem@tru.ca
  • Send a draft plan to osem@tru.ca for review by OSEM staff.
  • Once approved, the plan will be returned to you to sign and return to OSEM. This copy will be provided to those in the approval chain, including the provost / vice-president Administration and Finance.
  • All staff will require training on the safety plan so that they are aware of its contents. A record of this training is to be kept by the dean or manager.
  • All staff are required to complete the additional training requirements as noted in the Training section.
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