Offices - Academic and Administrative

Units re-opening their offices to returning faculty and staff require a safety plan. These include offices that are gradually re-opening to support their unit’s core services or provide in-person support to on-campus students, researchers and other on-campus services that are resuming.


  • Download the safety plan instructions document and a copy of the standardized office safety plan template.
  • Review the Exposure Control section on this site in order to understand the effectiveness of the various control measures.
  • The dean or manager of the area will solicit input from others within the department to complete the plan.
  • If you have questions about the exposure control information or the safety plan template, please email
  • Send a draft plan to for review by OSEM staff.
  • Once approved, the plan will be returned to you to sign and return to OSEM. This copy will be provided to those in the approval chain, including the provost/vice president Administration and Finance.
  • All staff will require training on the safety plan so that they are aware of its contents. A record of this training is to be kept by the dean or manager.
  • All staff are required to complete the additional training requirements as noted in the Training section.
  • A copy of the approved safety plan will be posted on the COVID-19 OneTRU site so that staff may access it at any time.


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