Barriers can help separate people when physical distancing is not possible. It should be considered only for tasks/areas where employees are frequently within two metres (six feet) of co-workers, students, clients, customers or others for longer than brief interactions.

Barriers or partitions are generally most useful in retail checkouts, kiosks, food service counters or other busy client-facing settings. They may also be appropriate in open office (cubicle) spaces where multiple workstations are in close proximity and can’t be rearranged to allow for physical distancing.

They are typically made of Plexiglas or other similar materials that are transparent and can be installed, hung from a ceiling, or free-standing depending on the work setting.

Where can I get a barrier?

If you believe you require a barrier for your safety plan, please contact for a consultation. The manager of Health, Safety and the Environment is the only one who can approve the expenditure for a barrier.

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