Cleaning and Disinfection

TRU has introduced cleaning protocols consistent with the provincial health officer and WorkSafe BC recommendations for post-secondary institutions as follows:

  • General cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces should occur at least once a day for areas that have resumed activities.
  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces at least twice a day and when visibly dirty (e.g. door knobs, light switches, cupboard handles, grab bars, hand rails, tables, phones, bathrooms).
  • More frequent cleaning may be required in some situations (e.g. shared items or equipment).
  • Remove items that cannot be easily cleaned (e.g. plush toys in child care, objects with soft/fabric surfaces such as furniture).

Cleaning products

Cleaning for the COVID-19 virus is the same as for other common viruses. Cleaning products and disinfectants regularly used in households are strong enough to deactivate coronaviruses and prevent their spread, such as ready-to-use disinfecting wipes and pre-made solutions.

For some applications (e.g. laboratories), it may be also be appropriate to consider using bleach or alcohol-based disinfecting solutions.

Cleaning products will be supplied centrally via our corporate procurement system. To order, email

Campus cleaning protocols

For buildings (or building common areas) on campus with regular occupancy, general cleaning and high-touch disinfection is conducted by Facilities management or Residence Services cleaning staff for areas they normally service. These areas include, but are not limited to, washroom touchpoints, main entrance seating, door handles, light switches and stairway handrails.

In office common areas, you should contact Facilities to confirm which areas are being cleaned to ensure there is coordination (e.g. reception areas, lounges, boardrooms, kitchens). Some of these areas may be disinfected by janitorial services and other areas by the employees in those units, depending on the location.

Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected by janitorial services. Those not being used will remain closed.

For areas not normally serviced by janitorial or residence services cleaning staff, unit managers must implement procedures within their unit for regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces (e.g. shops, storage rooms, vehicles, tools/equipment, lab equipment, photocopiers, shared keyboards). In most cases, ready-to-use disinfecting wipes or sprays will be suitable. To order, send email to

There is no requirement to do high-touch disinfection in personal offices, but employees may choose to disinfect their own workstation (e.g. keyboard, desk) at their discretion using disinfecting wipes and/or sprays. Offices or workstations that are shared must be cleaned and disinfected per the required protocols and frequency.


Do I need any PPE to do high-touch cleaning?

  • In most situations where individuals are using disinfecting wipes and sprays, there are no special PPE requirements. Some products may recommend wearing disposable gloves or gloves can be worn at the discretion of the employee. Before using any product, please read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions printed on the bottle and/or refer to the product’s safety data sheet, which can be accessed through MSDS Online.
  • If you are unsure about PPE requirements, please contact

Where can I get cleaning/disinfecting supplies?

To order, email


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