This page provides information for TRU faculty and staff. For information that applies to everyone, be sure to go to the COVID-19 response page.

If you have any questions, please email us at covid19info@tru.ca.

A daily health check is required of anyone coming to campus. You can use the BC COVID-19 self-assessment tool or review this poster. You must answer ‘no’ to all of the questions to pass the health check.

Faculty, staff and employed students working on campus must confirm with their supervisor or designate that they have completed and passed the daily health check. Your supervisor or designate will let you know the process for your area.

All faculty and staff working on campus, students attending face-to-face instruction and those participating in athletic training are required to take these three mandatory courses.

When you are indoors on campus, you are required to wear a mask. Everyone on campus must maintain a physical distance of two metres (six feet) from others, wash hands regularly and use hand sanitizer.

As per the public health order regarding non-essential travel restrictions, work-related travel between regions is still allowed.

TRU employees will be given paid leave to get each dose of their COVID-19 vaccination.

On campus now

Everyone working on campus or remote workers accessing the campus temporarily:
  • must be familiar with their area’s safety plan in regard to using common areas such as kitchens, washrooms and lounges.
  • should keep track of when they are on campus to support contact tracing. When face-to-face meetings are needed, meeting organizers are asked to schedule them in advance as much as possible, making note of the location and attendees.
  • have unrestricted use of their offices and do not need to inform their dean or OSEM.
  • should take attendance for face-to-face classes. One option is to leave a sheet of paper on a table that includes students’ names and the class date, and ask students to initial (with their own pen). Please save this in case it is needed. Also, ask students to sit in the same place in each class throughout the term.
Remote workers:

If it is necessary to come to campus, please inform your supervisor. You only need to inform OSEM if you need assistance accessing your area and/or if there isn’t typically someone in your area.

On campus September 2021

Safety is our priority. All BC public universities and colleges are preparing for a safe return to on-campus education in September. TRU is working with provincial authorities to plan a return to campus with as many services up and running as possible. More information will be available later in April.

Every British Columbian should be able to get at least their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine this summer. TRU is confident the combination of immunization and Go-Forward Guidelines will support the safe resumption of campus teaching, learning, and research. These guidelines will inform our campus safety plan.

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