Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I have to register to participate in the convocation ceremony?

Yes. If you have completed your studies, applied to graduate and wish to have your name in the printed program for the ceremony, you must also register for convocation either online or at the Registrar's Office before the displayed dates. If you have outstanding fees or fines you will not be eligible to receive your credential and should contact the Registrar's office.

 I received my credential in the mail today, but I would still like to attend the next convocation ceremony.  What do I receive at the ceremony?

You received your credential in the mail because you graduated earlier in the year.  You are welcome to apply to participate in the ceremony, and at the ceremony you will receive a certificate of participation.

 I am unable to attend the convocation ceremony but would like to receive my credential.  How do I apply?

If you are unable to attend the ceremony, the Registrar’s office will mail your credential providing you have fulfilled the requirements to graduate. Ensure you have applied to graduate.

 Is regalia provided to me for the convocation ceremony?

Yes. We provide the regalia free of charge for the ceremony only; gowns must be returned 1.5 hours after the ceremony.  If you do not return your gown, we will invoice you for replacement cost.

 What should I wear under my regalia?

Comfortable shoes that are suitable for the procession and suitable for weather conditions are advisable.  TRU uses black gowns and caps; therefore black shoes, slacks, dress or skirt will blend with the regalia.

 Can I rent regalia for arranging my own photographs?

Yes. To rent a gown, visit the Students’ Union office.  To secure a rental gown during graduation season, phone the Member Services Desk at 250.828.5289 to make a reservation.

 I will be participating in convocation; however I am having mobility problems, and am only able to stand or walk for brief periods of time. What is the best way to alleviate my concerns?

If you wish to be in the procession, we will arrange a chair for you in the procession waiting line. You are welcome to check in and gown early, then go directly to the stage seating. We can arrange for someone to accompany you, or you may bring a guest to assist you. Please tell the ushers of your concerns.

Students with disabilities who are graduating or persons with disabilities who are a member of the graduating student’s family should contact if accommodation or access provisions are required. 

 Are graduates limited to a certain number of guests at the ceremony?

We do not limit the number of guests you invite to attend convocation.  However, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Ask guests to arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to begin.

 I have not received picture proofs from my convocation ceremony. Where can I find these?

The Artona Group takes photos of graduates as they cross the stage. Proofs are mailed to your address as displayed in myTRU. You may contact Artona at 1-800-668-3866 or

 I have an elderly guest who wants to attend the ceremony and requires family assistance.  What arrangements are made for guests who require assistance from their friends or family?

Guests who require mobility assistance may park in parking spots assigned for disabled.  However, for events that have high traffic, these spaces may not be available.  We suggest family or friends come early or drop off their guest close to the venue.  There is reserved seating for disabled and one or two accompanying guests.

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