About the Seminar

A seminar that delivers what it promises

The National Great Teachers Seminar is a five-day, intensive retreat for post-secondary educators representing a wide range of subject areas and teaching experience. Rooted in the philosophy that one of the most powerful forms of professional development occurs when faculty learn from one another, this seminar offers an unparalleled opportunity to grow as a teacher and learner.

Seminar participants engage in a learning process of shared information and experiences, self-reflection, and action planning as they explore together a variety of teaching strategies, innovations, instructional challenges, and solutions. The format of the seminar is minimally structured and evolves throughout the week based on ongoing assessments of the participants’ needs.

The theme underlying all seminar activities is the quest to identify the nature of “The Great Teacher.” As in any quest, those on the journey learn much about themselves along the way. This seminar is not meant to be a “reward” for accomplished teachers, nor is it limited to the already “great.” It is designed especially for those teachers striving to be great.

The National Great Teachers Seminar is led by a team of experienced faculty who stay true to the model created by David Gottshall, the founder of the Great Teachers Seminar.