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Intercultural Learning and Teaching

TRU is a culturally diverse community. Our faculty, staff, and students represent Aboriginal, local, and global communities. Increasing intercultural understanding is one of TRU’s five Strategic Priorities with the aim of supporting “diversity, inclusion and intercultural understanding between our Aboriginal, local, regional and global communities” (Strategic Priorities, 2014, p.4).

The Academic Plan seeks to engage students in Aboriginal, local, and global cultural understanding:

Educational and delivery models should incorporate intercultural experiences for all TRU students. The development of these learning modes is reflexive, inspiring students and faculty to integrate reflections on Aboriginal cultures and histories into their work, as well as local, national and international frames of reference. Focusing on culturally aware education, practice and scholarship enables the development of a just and inclusive university community (Academic Plan, 2011, p.10).

Our campus and our classrooms are increasingly culturally diverse. This can present both challenges and opportunities. However, without informed and intentional educational approaches, structural diversity alone does not necessarily result in intercultural learning. The Centre can provide instructional and curricular support for faculty members and departments in realizing these goals through professional development opportunities, resources, and consultation/class visits.

Consultation for educators and students may include:

  • Intercultural development theories
  • Culture general frameworks
  • Intercultural communication
  • Multicultural group work
  • Intercultural and global learning outcomes
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