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Career and Experiential Learning

Mentoring Information for Students & Graduates

Meet working professionals and learn about the link between your education and different career options.


"Connect" events (formerly Networking 411) are networking events designed to enhance students career understanding and build mentoring and networking relationships. 

  • Connect: All Faculties mimics "speed dating" as students meet with 5-10 professionals over the course of 90 minutes. During this time, students are given the opportunity to ask career focused questions with knowledgeable industry professionals.
  • Connect: Adventure Tourism is similar to the "speed-networking" format event as "Connect: All Faculties", but the mentors participate virtually via video-call. This event is specifically available to students in Adventure Tourism.
  • Connect: Tourism Management is another "speed-networking" format event. Mentors can participate in-person or virtually via video-call. This event is tailored to students in any Tourism Management program. 

Meal with a Mentor 

"Meal with a Mentor" events are 1-on-1 mentoring events that take place over a meal (breakfast, for example). Students must apply in advance, and limited spaces are available. 

  • Meal with a Mentor: Graduate Studies is 1 on 1 mentoring between a graduate student and a strategically paired mentor over breakfast for 40 minutes. Open to graduate students only and students must apply to participate.

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Other Events

  • Lessons with Leaders is available to students in the classroom. These events can be organized between Faculty members and the Career Mentoring team. If you are a faculty member interested in organizing an event in your classroom please contact us at

Resources to help prepare for any Career Mentoring event:

If you are interested in the Career Mentoring program, please send an email to

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