Retired Employees

Would you and your partner be interested in learning more about the TRU Retirement Association in Kamloops? Retirement associations are becoming a popular adjunct to larger organizations. Nowhere is this more evident than at universities and educational institutions in BC.

Become involved with a group composed of friends and colleagues in order to:

  • Stay in touch with TRU and each other.
  • Provide a forum to explore such things as group travel plans, health issues and retirement concerns.
  • Become involved in discussions with TRU about such things as maintaining ongoing use of the library, the gymnasium, internet access and access to parking.
  • Encourage retirees to become ambassadors of TRU to the wider community in areas such as fundraising, program promotion and social activities;
  • Encourage fellowship in a stand-alone association organized and run by people who have one common connection — their most recent employer was TRU — and who enjoy sharing their interests with others.
  • Interact with other retirement associations at seminars or conferences.
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