Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion committee

TRU community members are invited to serve on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee -- a cross-functional committee whose goal is to establish a qualified and diverse workforce that is representative of our communities. The committee reviews university policies and practices to ensure we promote accessibility, equality and diversity. For more information, contact Larry Phillips, Executive Director, Human Resources.

Diversity and inclusion survey

At TRU we value the diversity and the unique cultural perspectives of all students and employees. As part of our priority to increase intercultural understanding and remove workplace barriers, TRU has created a Diversity and Inclusion Survey for all TRU Faculty and Staff. Please take 5 minutes to help us find out how diverse our campus is and make our work environment more open to everyone!

About the survey

The survey information is confidential and individual answers are encrypted. Access to individual survey answers are not provided to any person. All reports derived from this survey are in aggregate format. To log into the survey, use your TRU network login information (the same username and password that you would use to log onto a campus computer or TRU email).

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About the diversity and inclusion program

The Diversity and Inclusion program is based on the Canadian Employment Equity Act which aims to eliminate employment barriers and workplace discrimination traditionally faced by four designated groups: women, Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities and people with disabilities. The Employment Equity Act outlines the obligations of employers in ensuring that recruitment, promotion and learning and development opportunities are equally available and accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, race or physical ability. Although, the Diversity and Inclusion program is based on the Employment Equity Act, TRU has not limited the focus of our program. The Diversity and Inclusion program is inclusive of members of sexual and gender minority groups.

The Diversity and Inclusion program supports our Employment Equity policy by identifying and eliminating barriers to employment and expanding our applicant pool by reaching a wider demographic of applicants with a diverse range of knowledge, skills and abilities, who otherwise may have been overlooked.

In addition to supporting the Employment Equity Policy, the Diversity and Inclusion program aims to ensure that all current and future employees have equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of the workplace.

Please see the Employment Equity Policy, ADM 04-1, for more detailed information about TRU’s guidelines for the implementation of our Diversity and Inclusion Program.

The diversity and inclusion committee

Our committee representatives:

  • Chair: Larry Phillips, Executive Director, Human Resources
  • David Johnson, CUPE representatives
  • Razu Mann, CUPE representative
  • Kyra Garson, TRUFA representative
  • Monica Sanchez-Flores, TRUFA representative
  • Virginia Jacklin, TRUOLFA representative
  • Vacant, TRUOLFA representative
  • Vacant, APA representative
  • Paul Michel, ED Aboriginal Education
  • Vacant, TRUSU representative
  • Kiara Card, Human Resources

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the purpose of employment equity?

    to ensure no one is denied access to employment, promotion or training opportunities for reasons unrelated to ability, qualification or seniority as the case may be at TRU.

  • What are the designated groups under the Employment Equity Act and why are these groups identified?

    The 4 designated Employment Equity groups are:

    • Women
    • Visible Minorities
    • Aboriginal Peoples
    • Persons with Disabilities

    These groups are designated under the Employment Equity Act because they have historically faced barriers to employment and as a result have been under-represented in the workforce. We have included a number of other groups which have also historically faced employment barriers.

  • Why are you collecting diversity information on groups other than those identified by the Employment Equity Act ?

    We recognize that groups other than those identified in the Employment Equity Act have historically been discriminated against in society, in ways that limit their full and active participation in the workforce. We also recognizes that there may be differences within those groups that affect their participation in the workplace.

  • Why are you collecting Diversity and Inclusion information?

    The Diversity and Inclusion program will help ensure that all current and future employees of TRU have equal opportunity to employment and to participate in all aspects of our community. The survey will help the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to create programs to remove barriers from those who face inequities in the workplace. Barriers cannot be identified without your answers. This data will also be used to monitor the success of our initiatives to ensure that our campus reflects the same diversity as seen in our broader recruitment labour pool.

  • Is the Diversity and Inclusion program encouraging reverse discrimination?

    No. Reverse discrimination occurs when preferential policies are put in place, favoring members of the designated groups, regardless of their qualification, skill, ability or seniority for employment opportunities, over those who do not self-identify with any of these groups. This program simply ensures that all employees have equal opportunity to participate in all aspects of the workplace.

  • How will the Diversity and Inclusion program impact recruitment initiatives at TRU?

    TRU will continue to hire the best-qualified candidates based on job performance criteria in accordance with applicable Collective Agreements. Our Diversity and Inclusion program will ensure that efforts are made to attract a larger pool of applicants by advertising job vacancies in more diverse media and ensuring that recruitment and selection processes are free of bias, through training and education.

  • Why should I complete the Diversity and Inclusion survey?

    Without your participation we cannot identify what challenges our current and future employees are facing concerning Diversity and Inclusion. A high level of participation in our survey in required to ensure that our Diversity information is a true representation of our workforce, and without this information we cannot accurately identify challenges which may exists. Inaccurate information could have the potential of misleading our program efforts.

  • Who should fill out this survey?

    Anyone who is an employee of the university should fill out the survey including:

    • Support Staff and Auxiliary Employees
    • Faculty Employees (including Sessionals, PTIC’s, LTC’s, CRC’s)
    • Open Learning Faculty Members
    • Exempt Employees (including APA members, exempt Auxiliary employees)
    • Undergraduate Research Assistants
    • Co-op Students
  • Should I complete the survey even though I don’t self-identify with any of the designated groups?

    Yes. Employment equity policies and programs are for the benefit of all current and future employees regardless of gender, race or physical/mental ability. Even if you do not identify as a designated group member, by submitting your responses, you are helping to ensure equality for all TRU faculty, staff and applicants.

  • Should I complete the survey if I am on a leave of absence such as disability leave, maternity leave or parental leave?

    Yes. You still have an active employment status with the university and are encouraged to contribute to this initiative by completing the survey.

    You can access the survey from home by logging into the TRU staff network remotely. You will not be able to access the survey on a mobile network.

  • What if I don’t want to answer a question?

    You can chose not to answer the questions and select “prefer not to answer”, however, your responses are very important to the success of this initiative. We encourage you to answer as many questions as you can to ensure that you have an opportunity to participate in the success of this program.

  • What if I don’t want to take the survey?

    You can choose the “prefer not to complete the survey” option at the start of the survey, however, the success of this program depends on the participation of you and your colleagues. We encourage you to read through the survey and answer as many questions as you can. If you have any concerns around taking the survey please feel free to contact one of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee members.

  • What if my situation changes?

    If your situation changes with regards to diversity, you can update this information at any time by logging on to the survey and resubmitting your answers.

  • What will be done with my responses to the survey?

    Your responses will help shape our Diversity and Inclusion programs and guide our initiatives to ensure that we are meeting the Universities strategic priorities of increasing intercultural understanding. Without this information we are unable to make meaningful Diversity and Inclusion contributions for our Community.

  • How long will the data be stored?

    The information will be stored in a secure and encrypted database while you are employed at TRU and will be deleted when you are no longer an employee at TRU.

  • Will this information remain confidential?

    Yes, this information is confidential and will only be used in aggregated statistical reports, which means any individual identification information cannot be reported. This information will be encrypted, within a separate area of Banner.

  • Why does a confidential survey require my employee number?

    Part of the Employment Equity Act requires us to determine the degree of underrepresentation in each occupational group within our workforce. The only way for us to monitor representation of designated group members in different job categories over time is through an employee’s ID number. Connecting equity information with employee ID’s will allow us to remove employees from the database when they leave and to change an employee’s status when they are promoted or transferred. In this way, we will be able to create aggregated statistical reports with current and accurate information. All of the your responses are encrypted, and will only be reported in aggregate form without using your employee T-ID. We will not report on areas with less than six employees to ensure anonymity.

    In compliance with Employment Equity Act (section 9, paragraph 3) and the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act the information collected using employee ID’s will remain confidential and will only be used to fulfill our legislated employment equity obligations.

    To be clear, your personal responses are encrypted, and will not be attached to your identity on any of our Diversity and Inclusion reporting, all reports will be aggregated for statistical analysis. We will not report on areas with fewer than 6 employees in order to ensure anonymity.

  • Could my survey responses be used by my supervisor in a way that will negatively or positively affect my salary, eligibility for promotion or other employment decisions impacting me?

    No. An individual’s personal responses can only be accessed by those responsible for maintaining the database and the HR Consultant responsible for the Diversity and inclusion program. No other TRU employees will be granted access to see your personal responses. Your information is encrypted, and stored separately from your employee record and will have no impact on your personnel file or employment at TRU.

    In compliance with both privacy and equity legislation, the responses to the survey will only ever be disclosed in a summative report and in no way will an individual be identifiable.

  • Is the privacy of my personal responses protected?

    Yes, we will collect, use, disclose and retain personal information in compliance with the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and our institutional Protection of Personal Information Policy. We will only collect personal information pursuant to section 26 (a), (c) and (e) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

    The equity information collected is encrypted and stored separate from your employee record, and is access restricted to those responsible for maintaining the database and the HR Consultant responsible for the Diversity and Inclusion program.

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