Some Contemporary Canadian Feature Filmmakers

Sandy Wilson

Bridal Shower
y American Cousin

American Boyfriends
Harmony Cats

Anne Wheeler

Cowboys Don't Cry
Bye, Bye Blues
The Diviners
The War Between Us
The Sleep Room
Marine Life
Better than Chocolate

David Wellington

I Love a Man in Uniform

John Wasyk H
Mustard Bath
Eric Till Oh, What a Night
Paul Tana La Sarrasine
Bruce Sweeney Live Bait
Last Wedding
Lynn Stopkewich Kissed
Suspicious River
Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak Legal Memory
John N. Smith Sitting in Limbo
The Masculine Mystique
Dangerous Minds
Yves Simoneau Blind Trust
Perfectly Normal
In the Belly of a Dragon
Gail Singer Wisecracks
Mina Shum Double Happiness
Me, Mom and Mona
Drive, She Said
Paul Shapiro The Lotus Eaters
Cynthia Scott Flamenco at 5:15
The Company of Strangers
Vic Sarin Cold Comfort
The Burning Season
Patricia Rozema White Room
I've Heard the Mermaids Singing
When Night is Falling
Happy Days
Richard Rose Giant Steps
Bill Robertson The Events Leading Up to My Death
Mort Ransen Bayo
Margaret's Museum
Jeremy Podeswa Eclipse
John Pozer The Grocer's Wife
Lea Pool A Corps Perdu
Lost and Delirious
Movements of Desire
Alanis Obomsawin Kanehsatake:  270 Years of Resistance
Rocks at Whiskey Trench

Robert Morin Tristesse modele reduit
La femme étrangère
Requiem pour un beau sans - coeur
George Mihalka La Florida
Peter Mettler Tectonic Plates
The Top of His Head
Picture of Light
Mehta, Deepa Sam and Me
Richard Martin Matinee
North of Pittsburgh
Ron Mann Imagine the Sound
Poetry in Motion
Comic Book Confidential
Guy Maddin Careful
The Dead Father
Tales from the Gimli Hospital
Twilight of the Ice Nymphs
William MacGillivray Stations
Life Classes
The Vacant Lot
Understanding Bliss
Don McKellar Last Night
Bruce McDonald Roadkill
Highway 61
Dance Me Outside
Hardcore Logo
Twitch City
Elimination Dance
Peter Lynch Project Grizzly
Brenda Longfellow Gerda
Richard Lewis Whale Music
Robert Lepage Le Confessionnal
Le Polygraphe
Carlo Liconti Brown Bread Sandwiches
Jean-Claude Lauzon Night Zoo
Michel Langlois Cap Tourmente
Micheline Lanctôt The Handyman
Deux Actrices
Srinivas Krishna Masala
Michael Jones The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood
Secret Nation
Aaron Kim Johnston The Last Winter
For the Moment
David Hauka Impolite
Grant Harvey American Beer
Gail Harvey The Shower
John Harrison Beautiful Dreamers
John Greyson Urinal
Zero Patience
François Girard Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould
The Red Violin
Michael Gibson Defy Gravity
Kathy Garneau Tokyo Cowboy
William Fruet Drylanders
Goin' Down the Road
Wedding in White
Fred Frame Home Movie
Tom Fitzgerald The Hanging Garden
Lynne Fernie and
Aerlyn Weissman
Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives
Atom Egoyan Next of Kin
Family Viewing
Speaking Parts
The Adjuster
éal vu par...
The Sweet Hereafter
Felicity's Journey
Jaques Dorfmann Shadow of the Wolf
Paul Donovan Life with Billy
Buried on Suday
Francis Damberger Solitaire
Road to Saddle River
David Cronenburg Shivers
The Brood
The Fly
Dead Ringers
Dead Zone
Naked Lunch
M. Butterfly
Gary Burns The Suburbanators
Kitchen Party
Jackie Burroughs et al A Winter Tan
Richard Bugajski Clearcut
Colin Browne A Visit from Captain Cook
The Image Before Us
Father and Son
Philip Borsos The Grey Fox
Far From Home: The Adventures of a Yellow Dog
Joseph Blasioli and
Edigio Coccimiglio
Charles Binamé Eldorado
Bergman, Robert and
Myrna Freed
Hurt Penguins
Jean Beaudin J.A. Martine Photographe
Being at Home with Claude
Paul Baillargeon La Cuisine Rouge
La Sexe des Etoiles
Un 32 Ao
ût Sur Terre
Mark Archbar and
Peter Wintonich
Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media
Denys Arcand On Est au Cotton
The Decline of the American Empire
Jesus of Montreal
Love and Human Rights

Ted Allan Lies My Father Told Me
Bethune: The Making of a Hero


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