Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Why Choose TRU

TRU is a diverse and culturally rich university with people from all over the world - an impressive feat for a university with just under 10,000 students.

TRU is a Flexible University


There are three different program admissions processes at TRU. The first thing you should know is which admissions process is in place for your program of interest:

  • Open
  • Limited
  • Selective

We are the leader in Canada for laddering or “connecting” programs. Many TRU programs are designed to ladder into other programs so students can start with a diploma and return to get their degree without having to start over!

For example, a tourism student can go into the diploma program, enter the working world and discover they need a degree to get the job they want. That student can then return to TRU and ladder their tourism diploma into a tourism degree entering into the degree program as a third year student rather then having to start over as a first year degree student.

Dual Admission

Dual admission agreements with TRU allow university transfer students in two-year colleges to secure their admission to TRU at the same time as they enter college. TRU currently has agreements with the College of New Caledonia, Douglas College and Yukon College.

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We are a Comprehensive University

At TRU we have a wide range of programs including: university preparation, trades and technology, certificates, diplomas, and bachelor's and master's degrees.

TRU Start

TRU Start allows high school students to take a university class and get dual credit for both university and high school graduation.

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University Preparation (UPREP) and Open Learning (OL)

We want you to come to university; this is why we offer University preparation courses. UPREP is for those who have not yet met the requirements to get into a program providing the options of upgrading right here at the university or even online.

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TRU is a Personal University

A different kind of University

We offer a wide spectrum of choices for students, not just degree programs. If you meet the requirements, you can choose anything from a 6 month certificate program to a 4 year degree and anything in between, including one of our many trades and apprenticeship programs.

Convenience of living on campus
Small class sizes

The average class size at Thompson Rivers University is only 20-40 students. This means that the professors here know your name and you, as the student, will get a more hands-on experience in class. This hands on approach helps to create an interactive environment where students are encouraged to ask questions. For anyone requiring extra help, all professors have weekly office hours. If this still is not enough, we also offer a variety of help centres free of charge such as:

  • Supplemental learning
  • Math help centre
  • Writing help centre
  • Economics help centre

TRU is a Practical University

Hands on

Many of our programs include hands-on components. Trades have apprenticeships, Nursing and Education have practicums, Journalism has an internship and for others there is Co-op!


Co-op is an excellent way to discover what you like to do, gain valuable experience, and develop solid work-related references. Co-op experience can give you that competitive edge after you graduate and best of all, it is a paid work term!

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Thompson Rivers University has some of the lowest tuition fees in all of Western Canada. Combine this with our relatively small student body and the financial aid and award ratio is in your favour!

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Photo of Nursing student at the Gathering Place
TRU prides itself on being Flexible, Personal and Practical