Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Tuition & Fees

Band sponsored students are required to submit a TRU letter of sponsorship form from their band or aboriginal association. Letter of sponsorship forms must be submitted to the Campus Cashier in OM 1614 before the fee payment deadline.

Students who are not being sponsored, are responsible to pay all tuition and fees on time.

Tuition Sponsorship Application

Tuition Deposits

The commitment fee is different from the application fee. The tuition deposit is a payment that confirms you will be attending the next semester of university. It must be paid prior to being registered or wait-listed for a class. This fee goes towards regular student fees for that semester.

Band Sponsored Students-Tuition Deposits

Students who are being sponsored are not required to pay the tuition deposits provided the "Letter of Sponsorship to TRU" form has been completed and submitted.

Sponsorship Letters

  • The Campus Cashier is responsible for processing sponsorship letters.
  • If a student is being sponsored, a letter from the sponsor agency (recognized and accepted by TRU) is required to confirm details of the sponsorship.
  • The letters should indicate who is to be sponsored, for which semester(s), and details on what costs - e.g. tuition, books, materials - are being sponsored. These letters must be presented to the campus cashier or faxed to 250.371.5601 by the course specific fee payment deadline.
  • More about the letter of Sponsorship

Ways to Pay the Tuition Deposit

  • We encourage you to pay your fees via the Campus Cashier at OM 1614 or online via TRU Online Make a Payment function.
  • Payments can also be made at any bank or bank machine in Canada using our Acceptance of Payment of Account form which is available at the TRU Finance.

Unpaid Fees

Students whose fees have not been paid in full, do not have a fee deferral, or do not have sponsorship in place by the fee payment deadline may have their registration cancelled and their space made available to students in the following order of priority:

  • Wait-listed students
  • New registrants from the late applicant group