Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Aboriginal University Prep Courses

Course Number Description Units
First Nations English as a Second Language
FESL 050 First Nations English as a Second Language or Dialect
ENGL 0620 Aboriginal Literature and Composition
Native Studies
NAST 0500 Introduction to Native Studies 4
NAST 0600 An Overview of Major Issues in First Nations Studies (Williams Lake Campus) 4
First Nations Studies
FNST 030 First Nation Studies I
FNST 040 First Nation Studies II (equivalent to Grade 12 Social Studies)
FNST 091 Essentials of First Nations Governance
Social Work
SOCW 3100 Aboriginal Life Cycles
SOCW 3110 Aboriginal Perspectives on Social Policy
SOCW 3540 An Introduction to First Nations Issues and Human Services
SOCW 4040 Ethical Practice in Aboriginal Communities
SOCW 4540 Aboriginal Decolonizing Social Work Practice