TMGT 4220 Mountain Studies (3,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

Mountain Studies allows students the opportunity to engage in an interdisciplinary study of mountain environments, communities, resorts, activities, web presence, arts, sustainability and destination experiences with an emphasis on undergraduate research. topics vary from year to year. Potential areas of focus include mountain culture (literature, painting, film, photography, history, new media) and web-mapping with the provision of rich content; the development and sustainability of mountain national parks in Western Canada; mountain literature and art; comparative studies of the mountain resorts that ring TRU; mountains and participant-observer new media applications; and public relations and mountain resorts.
Prerequisite: 3rd year standing
Note: Students can only get credit for one of CMNS 4220, TMGT 4190, TMGT 4220
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