TMGT 1150 Marketing and Customer Service (4,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

This course discusses the role, concepts and principles of marketing. It examines market research and planning, product pricing and costing, packaging, promotion, service as a primary product, advertising methods, target marketing, factors in consumer preference and assessment of guest satisfaction.
Prerequisite: English 12/English 12 First Peoples with a minimum of 73% (within the last five years), or Level 4 on the composition section of the LPI (within the last two years), or completion of ENGL 0600, or completion of ESAL 0570 and ESAL 0580 with a grade of C+ or better
Note: CONV 1061 is an alternate and equivalent course to TMGT 1150. Students cannot receive credit for both TMGT 1150 (C+ minimum) and MKTG 3430.
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