PNUR 1600 Professional Communications 1 (0,0,0,35P)

Credits: 2 credits
Delivery: Campus

This course provides learners with the foundational knowledge for caring and professional communication in nursing. An experiential and self-reflective approach is used to develop self-awareness and interpersonal communication skills in the context of safe, competent and collaborative nursing practice. Topics include communication theory, the nurse-client relationship, therapeutic communication, cross-cultural communication and effective teamwork. Prerequisites: Admission to the Practical Nursing Program. Co-Requisites: PNUR 1420-Professional Practice 1 PNUR 1700-Variations in Health 1 PNUR 1750-Health Promotion 1 PNUR 1800-Pharmacology 1 PNUR 1520-Integrated Practice 1
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