PNUR 1570 Consolidated Practice Experience 1

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

This first practice experience provides learners with an opportunity to integrate theory from Level 1 coursework into practice. Learners will gain experience in various settings with a focus on the healthy client. Learning the role of the Practical Nurse, personal care skills, organization of care, focused assessment, beginning medication administration and professional communication are emphasized. Prerequisites: PNUR 1420, PNUR 1520, PNUR 1600, PNUR 1700, PNUR 1750, PNUR 1800, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) as outlined in the Practice Education Guidelines (, immunizations as outlined in the Practice Education Guidelines (, criminal record check under the terms of the Criminal Records Review Act and the Ministry of Justice process for educational institutions, negative TB skin test or chest X-ray, original Fit Test certificate.
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