NURS 2740 Nursing Practice 3: Promoting Health and Healing (2,0,2,13P)(L)

Credits: 4 credits
Delivery: Campus

This nursing practice experience provides opportunities to develop caring relationships with individuals and families for the purpose of health promotion while coming to understand their unique health and healing processes. Participants will have opportunities to practice nursing approaches that accompany this understanding. Participants work with families and individuals experiencing common health challenges (both episodic and chronic) in the home and community, in agencies, and in care facilities to incorporate concepts and learning from all the courses in this semester into their nursing practice. The community and society are considered as contextual influences on the promotion of health and healing for the individual.
Prerequisite: Completion of Year 1
Corequisite: HLSC 2550, NURS 2170, NURS 2730
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