NURS 1800 Knowledge and Critical Inquiry 1: Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing (3,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

Students are introduced to the discipline of nursing and explore the historical development of nursing knowledge and theory as well as contemporary understandings of nursing as a discipline and the body of knowledge that defines it. Students begin to develop an inquiry-based approach to learning and nursing practice. The relationships between practice, theory, and research will be explored.
Prerequisite: NURS 1170, NURS 1730, NURS 1740, NURS 1700, BIOL 1592, or BIOL 1593, BIOL 1594 or BIOL 1595
Corequisite: BIOL 1694 or NURS 1830, NURS 1840, BIOL 1692 or BIOL 1693, BIOL 1695
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