MATH 1380 Discrete Structures 1 for Computing Science (3,1.5,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

Students are introduced to the basic mathematical concepts used in computing science. Topics include the binary number system; computer arithmetic; logic and truth tables; Boolean algebra; logic gates and simple computer circuits; sets; relations; functions; vectors and matrices; counting; and probability theory and statistics (mean, variance, median, mode, random variables).
Prerequisite: At least C+ in British Columbia Pre-calculus Math 12 or Foundations Math 12 or equivalent (British Columbia graduates of 2013 onwards) or Principles of Math 12 or equivalent (British Columbia graduates prior to 2013) or MATH 1000 or MATH 1001 or MATH 0610 or MATH 0633 within the last two years or permission of the instructor.
Note: (if applicable) Same as COMP 1380. Students who already have credit for MATH 1700 may not take COMP/MATH 1380 for further credit. Required Seminar: MATH 1380S
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