LAWF 3702 Transnational Lawyering: Social Justice, Communities & Resources (3,0,0)

Credits: 3 credits
Delivery: Campus

This course focuses on the social justice concerns of individuals, civil society actors, and/or Indigenous communities with distributions of resources, recognition of status, protection of rights and/or the protection of the environment. Justice issues related to natural resources, the environment and Indigenous communities are the dominant focus. Students will take a transnational approach to law by studying how laws rooted in domestic, international, private and public institutions regulate actions or events that transcend national frontiers. This is also an experiential learning course in that it offers students an opportunity to participate in social justice lawyering. This refers to legal research and writing that requires students to become familiar with the real-life problems of specific civil society actors in order to collect data, identify strategies and develop legal analysis of interest to these actors.
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