LAWF 3080 Crime: Law and Procedure (3,0,0)(3,0,0)

Credits: 6 credits
Delivery: Campus

***Please note: LAWF 3080 is a full year course. Students choosing this course in Fall must also register for the same section for it in Winter and vice-versa.*** This course provides an anatomy of criminal conduct and its legal treatment, utilizing a limited range of criminal offences. Students examine the designation of human conduct as criminal and consider the social, cultural and political forces involved. Other topics include: the development of the criminal process in English common law, its translation to Canada and embodiment in the Criminal Code; the substantive elements of a criminal offence, including both physical and mental elements; the common law and code defences; procedural, tactical, ethical and evidential problems associated with criminal prosecution at both the pre-trial and trial stages; the sentencing process; and the position at law of the victim.
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